Do you offer free standard shipping? 

How did you miss that on our homepage?! You bet we do!

Do you ship internationally?

Oui. Já. Ano. はい. Sì. Po. 是. ဟုတ်ကဲ့. Yes we do! Here we come world - Yippee!!! International post is sent via Australia post Airmail that has an estimation delivery time of 3-10 business days. Cost is between $15 and $25 (AUD) depending on your country (see checkout options).

How long will it take to receive my order?

We will put our A into G as soon as we receive your order and we guarantee to send your precious goodies out within 2-3 business days from the day you place your order. If you are a wee-bit frazzled, just send us a little message to say you need it sooner and we will normally be able to pull a few strings and help you out.

What we cannot guarantee is how long it will take Australia post to deliver your order, so here is what they say their standard shipping times are (keeping in mind we are based in Sydney):

Our products

Are your products hand made?

Yes indeedy! Each item is hand-crafted in our Sydney studio.  

What are your bow-ties and pocket-chiefs made from?

 We work with natural fibres, mostly cotton but also silk and wool.

 What size are the bow-ties and pocket-chiefs?

All our standard bow-ties are a single adult size – if you are interested in a ‘little gents’ version, see our custom orders FAQs below.

All our standard pocket-chiefs are 25cm x 25 cm (9.85 inch x 9.85 inch) - the bestest size for pocket-chiefs. And all are hand-sewn.

Are your bow-ties adjustable?

All our bow-ties can be adjusted to fit all sizes. This goes for the pre-tied as well as tie-it-yourself bow-ties. The tie-it-yourself bow-ties also have a clip at the back which connects the two pieces, so if you prefer to leave it tied for next time – you can! (but that is kind-of cheating).

Are tie-it-yourself bow-ties difficult to tie?

In a word, yes. But that is what makes it a timeless and oh-so-manly skill. It is really is the fashion equivalent of being able to change a car tyre.

I ordered a tie-it-yourself bow-tie and I was sent a pre-tied bow-tie, WTF?!

Calm your farm. We have probably tied the bow-tie for you to show you how it’s done – just pull each end and… voila!

Custom orders

I love your designs, but do you do custom?

Why thank you, very kind of you to say.  And yes, we loooooove doing custom orders for bow-ties, pocket-chiefs and different coloured cufflinks.

We specialise in helping grooms (and very involved brides) with their kit for the big day! And yes, that includes finding fabrics to compliment the bridesmaids’ dresses!

How does is work?

A little something like this:

  • you send us an email via the ‘Contact us’ section and tell us what you are looking for in your bow-tie, pocket-chief or cufflink;

  • we will get back to you straight away and then venture out to our suppliers and do our darndest to find that perfect print and fabric that you are after;

  • we send you a bunch of photos of the fabrics we have found;

  • you tell us what you like (and don’t like) and if you decide on something, then we can arrange payment and we will whip up and ship your order toot-sweet!

Do you have a minimum for custom orders?

 Nope. So drop us a note and tell us what you are after! (yes, it is OK for men to wear hot pink).