Where it all began...

On the 3rd August this year I married a handsome fellow with a dashing name- John Nash! It was a magical winters day, 22 degrees and not a cloud in sight. Lucky us!

It was also the Birth date of Hank in Chief. It was the day where I put my bow ties on display for our nearest and dearest to see. 

What handsome models our Groomsmen made.


Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography

Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography

Finding the perfect Bow-Tie for the dashing lads wasn't an easy task. In the end it was the perfect fabric, a fine cotton blue and white floral print, that l just couldn't part with. It fit perfectly with our theme and looked so wonderful against the bridesmaid dresses. I have always been a crafty nut so it seemed only natural to make and design the Bow-Ties for the boys!  

I enjoyed every moment of making these little beauties and whilst doing so, it got me thinking... perhaps others were out there searching for the perfect Bow-Tie too!

And so it began, Hank in Chief.